Supporting rescue dogs and rescue organisations is very close to my heart, I have owned and worked with rescues for 40 years and I know just how special, smart and loveable they can be. So thank you for giving these special beings a second chance!

If you have a rescue dog, are considering adopting a rescue, or are a rescue organisation, we have information and packages to support you.

Together we can create a happy ending for these beautiful dogs!

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Adopting a rescue dog

Rescue dogs have often had a tough start, and a failed adoption is devastating for the dog and owner alike.

These dogs deserve a happy, relaxed life with you - and you deserve the same with them!

Setting yourself up for a successful life with your new dog comes down to three things:

  • A good match between you and your new dog
  • A successful first week settling in that sets the tone for your ongoing relationship
  • Training to establish a close bond with your dog, teach the basic commands and address any behaviour issues (if needed)

Check out our free articles to get started:

Discount to Train Your Rescue

If you’d like extra support to train your rescue dog, check out our Virtual Training Schools and use code RESCUE15 to get 15% off.

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Support package for rescue organisations

Firstly, thank you. We are so grateful for the love and care you put into dogs in need of a second chance.

We would love to support your rescue organisation with the work you do, and your adoptive families as they settle into life with their new dog. Here are some details on how our rescue support package works.

Setting adoptive families up for success:

Rescue dogs may not have had the early training and socialisation they need, and many have behavioural issues due to their tough start or traumatic incidents in their lives. We can offer you a unique discount code to provide to your adoptive families, giving 15% off any of our Virtual Training Schools.

These easy to follow online courses will help ensure families adopting a pup or dog from you can get set up for a happy, stress-free life together. We cover all the basic training, as well as how to resolve behavioural challenges such as fear, anxiety, separation distress, barking, aggression and more. We want to help rescue dogs have happy, relaxed lives (as they deserve!) and prevent failed adoptions.

Revenue for your rescue organisation:

For each person that joins one of our Virtual Schools using your discount code, your rescue organisation will receive 20% of the revenue for the duration of that person’s subscription- an easy fundraising tool.

Training for shelter staff:

We offer free access to our Virtual Schools for your shelter staff, so they can better learn how to manage and train the gorgeous dogs in their care.

Keen to join?

If you’re involved with a rescue organisation and are interested in joining this program, please email our team.

Email Alisa directly

Rescue of the month!

This is Buddy. He is a 3 year old Greyhound X at (Rescue Organisation) in (Town).

Buddy was found (backstory).

He is (personality & challenges). Would be best suited for a home with (insert details).

To enquire about giving Buddy a phone, contact (insert details).

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