Great Companions.

For Life.

The key to a lasting bond is confidence in your own skills. Unlock this power and train your dog to be the perfect life companion.

Great Companions.

For Life

The key to a lasting bond is confidence in your own skills. Unlock this power and train your dog to be the perfect life companion.

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our core courses

Guided training for a happy, well-behaved dog at any age.

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Meet Mark

Mark Vette is an internationally renowned animal behaviourist, zoologist, trainer, educator, author and TV personality. Dog Zen — Mark’s signature dog training philosophy — is based on the simple concept that understanding your dog is key to a loving, sound, problem-free relationship with your pet for life.

Mark has built a team of skilled trainers who work with him to bring Dog Zen to the world.

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Get support in your training journey

When you join a Dog Zen training course, you're personally supported every step of the way. Join Live Coaching Sessions with Mark Vette and talk directly to our training experts. Plus, join our members-only Facebook group for support and advice from like-minded dog owners taking the same courses as you.

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Trusted by dogs & their trainers

Talk to us to start your training journey.

Dog Zen values

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Dog Zen training begins with empathy, for the dog and the trainer. Everything we do should make a real difference to your life with your dog.

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Dog training is a relationship. We aim to foster a strong connections between Dog Zen trainers, you, your dog, and the wider Dog Zen community.

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More than just training. We’re here to answer your questions, follow up, and give you real support on your journey with your dog. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much help do I get in the Virtual Schools?

As a member of our Virtual Training Schools, you can ask our dog training team an unlimited number of questions. Just post them in our members-only Facebook group, and we’ll get back to you with personalised guidance (from a real dog trainer who knows your history, not a bot!).

At any time, you can send us a video of your puppy or dog’s behaviour or your training session for assessment or feedback.

You can also join weekly Live Coaching Sessions and get real-time responses to your questions from Mark Vette.

Don’t use Facebook? Don’t worry - our trainers are on email too.

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When can I expect results?

It depends on the age of your dog, and what challenges you’re working on. But with daily training, most people will start seeing positive results within a week and significant results within a month.

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How do Virtual Training Schools work?

When you join any of our Virtual Training Schools, you get access to the entire course so you can watch videos on demand at your own pace.

You’ll also be invited to join our members-only Facebook group, where you can connect with others taking the same course as you. In the group you’ll get tips and advice from members, join live coaching sessions with Mark to get expert responses to your questions in real time, and post questions any day of the week to get personalised training guidance from our dog training team. 

You can cancel your membership at any time.

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Does my dog need in-person training?

Most dogs don’t.

Our Virtual Schools are as effective as in-person training because we teach you to be the trainer. No dog trainer can create lasting change in your dog’s behaviour in a session or two, or even through a board-and-train programme unless it has intensive at-home support. Real change happens at home through the way you train and interact with your dog on a daily basis. To succeed, you simply need to know how to train well. Our videos guide you through the process step-by-step to ensure you feel confident and ready.

In some cases, such as serious aggression or predatory behaviours, dogs do require professional treatment.

If you’re not sure, get in touch and we’re happy to help you decide.

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